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NOA: a music film

Collaborative, multi- disciplinary, non-linear storytelling anchored in activism and the academy

‘NOA: a music film’ is a companion piece to the contemporary folk album “NOA” (released by Tay in 2019), and is a highly collaborative project which includes movement, poetry, music, and improvisation. The film weaves together nine tracks off the album, forming a non-linear story that strives to understand how we can embrace our grief and losses for purposes of inner and outer transformation in a modern context.

The film features seven on-screen independent Chicago-based artists, each of whom brings their own perspectives and unique knowledge to this multidisciplinary exploration of our emotional lives. With each musical turn, the film introduces the viewer to a new character, drawing on different modes of creative expression as a vessel for grief and a source of healing. This film brings viewers into an experience of deep feeling, infecting them with the same kind of emotional bravery exhibited in its storytelling.



" 'N.A.' brings hidden emotions to the surface in a fervent, beautiful way... "


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